Thursday, 6 August 2015

Malibu LED Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor LED Lighting product line Malibu consists of eight large projects that are not only attractively designed to fit perfectly in your garden, but also uses up to 80% less energy than standard lighting fixtures and systems have a lifespan potential is always compared with the normal garden lighting an average of only about 700 hours per lamp.
In this article I will discuss a wide range of LED products Malibu landscape lighting and some different features that you can expect from this innovative outdoor lighting solutions:
There are eight lights in the line of LED products Malibu, and they are as follows:

Launch LED Metal Levels

LED Wall Wash Flood

LED cast metal Contemporary

Surface Mount LED Platform

LED High Power Flood

LED trainer

Led light


Features Energy Efficiency
Each lamp shows dramatically improve the energy efficiency during normal lamp 7 watt traditional in most other range of external lighting.
Malibu LED outdoor lighting range has watt LED light has the same light output with seven watt lamp, but it costs a fraction of the cost to run.
These savings can generate a full-size garden, in which ten lamps used is usually about 200 dollars over five years, if you consider the use of six hours a night, and compared the track to 7 watt LED bulbs, which constantly need to be replaced.
It is based on electricity costs $ 0.14 per kilowatt-hour for 700 hours and the cost per bulb for a long time technology Wedge Bulb $ 1.05 each
Although the technology behind LED Strip is very advanced, they remain very easy to fit in your garden.
Each of the eight projects light in the range come with Fastlock II connectors which makes them easy to customize, and comes complete with a sturdy metal construction that means they will withstand the rigors of even the toughest weather.
Low voltage
One of the biggest selling points for various LED lights Malibu open course that combines elegance and simplicity and economy with caution because of the environment.
In moments of global warming it is up to us all to make sure to reduce our consumption of scarce resources in the world, but at the same time, we all want well-lit room and outdoor garden! And so it may appear that some tough choices may have to be done, and that the two goals may not be compatible.
Fortunately, innovations created by Malibu LED Landscape Lighting System means you do not have to compromise their values ​​to have a very bright courtyard.
LED lights are used has a maximum power with only twelve volt electrical circuit with only 300 watts, so that savings can be made on conventional light bulbs may end up covering the cost of buying the lights just a few years.
Choose your lamp
It is a good idea to look more closely at the different styles and models available light in Malibu Lighting Range, because there are five main styles you can choose, depending on how you want your garden is on.
Lamp mode
The will light in two or more directions, and are designed to look good because the first and second illuminating light spread.
Two LED lights in Malibu various outdoor lighting that fall into this category are:
LED cast light metal level

Coach LED Light
It is a low-profile light designed to illuminate the edge of the road or planting a garden bed.
Malibu LED lights in a variety of outdoor lighting that fit into this category are:
LED cast metal Contemporary
Surface and platform lighting
It is designed to increase the security plan for the living room where you sit, walk and eat in your garden, such as a patio or deck.
Malibu LED lights in a variety of outdoor lighting that fit into this category are:
Surface Mount LED deck light
Under the lights
It differs from other styles because light lighting directed downward, to account for a larger area, and style of lighting is often used primarily to explain how and walkways in the garden.
Malibu LED lights in a variety of outdoor lighting that fit into this category are:
LED Pro Light
Flood Lights
The last type of light bulbs are much more dramatic flooding and both can be used to highlight architectural features from the outside of your home, tall trees or parts of your garden who want everyone to concentrate.
There are three flood lights in LED Lighting Strip Malibu Outdoor:
LED High Power Flood Light

LED Wall Wash Flood Light

Led light
All these lights are very easy to install, highly efficient to run and will set the tone for a wonderful light for your garden that will make you the envy of all your neighbors! "

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