Thursday, 6 August 2015

Bathroom small, distorted

With a small bathroom, you need to apply all the tricks to "cram" all you want.

While we can dream of a super large bathroom with ample space to accommodate a shower, double sink extravaganza, overalls ... foot tub, the more space there is a simple measure, just as the "scarf."

However, do not be afraid. There are a lot of equipment, appliances, small accessories (such as mini-shower, sink basin near ...) and various tricks of intelligent design can help maximize the area in your bathroom.

White always "winners" in a small space war - can be used for bathtubs, sinks, floors or walls - but that does not mean you have to apply a color embargo. Actually "playing" with light and shadow, color and contrast will add personality and style to the empty space looks barren.

1 Try bathing "small"

Sample size sweater chain foot tub is greatly reduced, so you can "force" them into even the smallest bathroom. Taking advantage of the little square in the corner of the bathroom in a way that is more useful, putting tub under a skylight.

2 Exploring corner

Confused shower is one of the best tools to decorate the bathroom "refusal" to standard size. Wall furniture are also useful in creating the illusion of space, because your eyes can see and walk the walls smooth.

3.Lua choose soft colors

Do not be afraid to use color in a small bathroom. Duck egg blue color used in roofs, walls and shingle expand the space, his eyes through the window.

4 Hold and bright white space

White tile is the right choice for small bathrooms. They are crisp, classic and elegant look, especially when combined with gray mortar. Keep the rest of the room is simple and no fancy decor, the weight to maximize the effect of the expansion of space.

5 Work around strange architecture

This room has a lot of weaknesses, so it is difficult to imagine such a small size, slope ... but we have very cleverly exploited and become more elegant. Large glass skylight brings natural light into a large volume (doubled by a mirror). Meanwhile, nearly invisible glass shelves and hang helped sink is easy to set up.

6 Experiment with dark colors

Sometimes, dark colors like brown, gray ... will bring warmth and elegance with a small bathroom. You must use the lights dim light to achieve the same atmosphere with a spa room.

7 Use smart appliances, utensils

With a small bathroom, you need to apply all the tricks to "cram" all you want. The sloping roof room, architect cleverly designed puzzles bathrooms are equipped with the highest point of the ceiling, and a bathroom located in the low ceilings, no wasted area cen-ti meter.

8 Install wall shelf

Most families who experience problems with storage problems or more, especially in the bathroom. This smart bathroom space is used efficiently through custom racking system into the gaps and niches. Thick wooden blocks, bright colors to stand out in a white interior.

Express your individuality 9

Who said that "small" is synonymous with "minimalist white"? Wood blinds round tub combination really love. This is a clear solution using a small space worth learning.

Try 10 "stuffed" into the shower room

Designing a bathroom in the room is a great idea, does not require a lot of space. For example, you can actually install the bathtub next to the window. Thus, you will see the external environment, while relaxing dip. All the stress, fatigue quickly disappear

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