Friday, 7 August 2015

Benefits of Kitchen Compost Bins

I love my kitchen for a number of reasons, but mainly because I like the smell of a real home cooking. If I make a cake, make a soup or making sauce, always reminds me of childhood and visits to my grandparents house, where cooking and baking that day-to-day activities. The aroma of baking bread, the aroma of spices are grown in home gardens and floral scents all mixed up in my head, all connected to warmth, comfort and security. And it's really the reason I like the kitchen compost bins. Sounds strange? Bare with me.

Long before recycling was the politically correct thing to do, Nana I am very careful to keep your tea bags, peelings and food scraps. In fact, the only time I remember him being upset me was once when I throw potato peels and received a severe telling off. He took me out to see his prized roses and gladioli and told me that I was not fed; that plants, flowers and vegetables growing need of all the good they can get!

So when I got home, I always do the same thing. My first garden is a few pots on the balcony sunlit, but I grew herbs and colored gems wound; bright flowers that also make a great salad. They all benefit from a small amount of compost my kitchen a woman can give, but when I got my first real garden, my husband and my children, I also had my compost kitchen waste.

It was nice to be able to have all food waste, confident in the knowledge that will be converted into nutritious compost, and since I use Bokashi bin to make a compound that takes everything, including bread, fish and meat so I can happily leave my kids clean because I do not have to worry about them eating the wrong thing to encourage waste collection; almost everything that happens in the kitchen compost bins, where it ferments and turns into safe, nutritious compost. Such as waste airtight, sweet smelling flowers are still the most powerful aroma in my kitchen.

Bokashi is a mixture of effective microorganisms made from wheat bran. It broke the kitchen waste and produce compost faster than my grandmother's method, which basically has a big pile in the garden, it took almost a year to decompose. The result is a great fertilizer; Can I return my kitchen waste into soil and see the results in my garden.

I nasturtiums grow even in pots, but my garden full of vegetables, tomatoes, fragrant lilies and my passion; roses. Once they get their sustenance from the compost, it seems that when I feed my family, in a way that also feed my interest.

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